sculptor of driftwood & unloved stuff

My reaction to the world around us, an ongoing and evolving installation and exhibition idea in the light of covid-19, which has forced everyone to look at what they do and take for granted.

By combining driftwood with unwanted, broken furniture and other found stuff, I look to get to the heart of our acceptance of how things are, the names we give things, the purpose we put them to and value we place on them.

Bedside table, sculpture, lamp, artwork, coat rack are no more than words we use to impute these things. Anything has the potential to be anything to anyone and a forest of hope consists of an evolving body of work challenging these preconceptions.

All sorts of things – big-small, life threatening-mildly irritating – make life at best frustrating, at worst precarious for many worldwide.

Symbolically bridging these ideas, a forest of hope comprises a dense world of reclaimed, recycled and revived sculptural pieces emphasising the persistence of time, nature and hope… seemingly the only things we have left to rely on…

But seeing the wood for the trees is tricky for all of us at the moment. Where is meaning or the truth? Despite which, I hope everyone can achieve a little personal clarity about what matters… notwithstanding the white noise, lack of coherence, understanding and insensitivity that surrounds and controls us.

If you want to know anything about anything I do, discuss ideas or commissions please get in touch