sculptor of driftwood & unloved stuff

Each of my sculptures is unique. Commissioned or independently conceived, I create both freestanding pieces and work that is or can be integral to walls, floors, ceilings and large pieces of furniture and fittings.

I use found objects, primarily driftwood and unloved/broken furniture, and anything else that makes sense, to create story telling, abstract, yet human, humane and (hopefully…) graceful sculptures. Aesthetics first and – whenever possible – function and provocation close seconds.

The ideas of how ‘art’ can revive and reinvigorate, what meaning, value and everyday use it can have for people and communities, as well as being visually pleasing, are key.

Like people and communities, my raw materials are shaped, buffeted, polished and bruised by life’s impacts, experiences, environment and circumstances… in turn wanted, nurtured, loved… then unwanted, abused, neglected. While always imperfect, vulnerable and transient, my work must be beautiful, emotionally involving and infer or raise questions about what people do and – all too easily – take for granted.

At its best I hope my work can be supportive in people’s lives and offer a little order, spirit (and calm) among the chaos… practically and psychologically. It’s all underpinned by an appreciation of:

Because let’s be right, nowt’s perfect or permanent and with all the fragility and travesty that today equates to what we all used to think we could rely on – the truth – there appear to be just three things we have left:

If you want to know anything about anything I do, discuss ideas or commissions please get in touch.