‘working from home…’ a happy synthesis of art and… industry?… pm me if you fancy your very own tailor made unique version… n x

I use found objects, primarily driftwood and unloved furniture, to create abstract, yet human, humane and (hopefully…) graceful sculptures. Art first and – whenever possible – function second. The idea of what ‘art’ can be and what meaning, value and even use it can have for people is key. Like people, my raw materials are shaped, buffeted, polished and bruised by life’s stories, impacts and experiences, environment and circumstances. In turn wanted, nurtured and loved… then unwanted, abused and neglected. While necessarily imperfect, vulnerable and transcient, my work must be aesthetically appealing, emotionally involving and with the potential to raise questions about what people do and – all too easily – what we take for granted. At its best, I hope it can be both provocative and supportive in people’s lives and offer a little order (and calm) among the chaos… practically, spiritually and metaphysically. The work is underpinned by an appreciation of humanism, existentialism and wabi sabi, the Japanese idea that nothing is perfect, perfection is in imperfection and transience and impermanence are at the heart of the glory and grace of life and living. I see what we call ‘nature’ as effectively a persistent, permanent state of which we are a passing if entertaining and occasionally worthwhile part. Nature and hope are all we can rely on.

nigel wood
sopa creative, milnsbridge
the gallery, slaithwaite
07854 381438